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COVID-19 Update

Due to Federal, State and Local mandates to minimize the spread of COVID-19 (Corona Virus) the offices will be closed at the Shafter and the Wasco Memorial Parks for all non-essential contacts. Staff will be in the office to answer and return calls to schedule funeral services only. We ask that all contact be initiated by a phone call to the office. 

  • Arrangements - Only 2 healthy family representatives in the office at one time to pick out lots. Services will be scheduled by phone call and payments will made with a credit card only. 
  • Burial - No contact with the family will be allowed. We will allow 10 immediate family members at the graveside. If more attend they must remain at a socially acceptable distance as defined by the cemetery. If the family wishes to see the committal certain requirements must be met. No chairs or canopy will be set. The customary dirt or other items will not be allowed to be placed on the casket. Each service will be limited to 30-60 minutes in length. 
  • Preneed Payments - May be made over the phone by using a credit card. Cash and checks will not be taken. 
  • All Federal, State and Local mandates will be followed to eliminate any contact. These mandates may change our requirements at any time. 
  • If you have any questions, please call the cemetery district office at 661-746-3921
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