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Standard Pricing

Prices found here are subject to change, and all service information and fees should be verified with the District before finalizing plans. Mortuary charges are not included.

Casketed Burial - in ground only

  • Complete Casketed Single Burial Service: $2,725.00 to $4,025.00             
  • Complete Casketed Double Burial Service: $4,050.00 to $5,200.00

Cremation Burial (In Ground /Above Ground)

  • Complete Single Urn Burial Service: $1,245.00 / $1,560.00 to $1,760.00
  • Complete Double Urn Burial Service: $1,960.00 / above ground is not available

Additional Charges

  • Weekend or Holiday Service: $500.00  to  $1,000.00 - depending on type of service
  • Eligible Nonresident Fee: $50.00  to  $400.00

Additional Information

  • Service times: available at 10:00am or 1:00pm for services scheduled on any regular workday.
  • All services scheduled on holidays and weekends will require an additional charge as set by the board.
  • Services must be scheduled and charges finalized at least 24 working hours prior to the time of burial.
  • Flowers: we reserve the right to remove any items and flowers each week before we mow or edge each cemetery. Please keep flowers in the vases available on the memorial marker foundation. Any crosses, lights, toys and other items are subject to immediate removal if they are deemed inappropriate, a danger to the public, or maintenance of the grounds.
  • Eligibility Nonresident: Eligibility will be determined by the District Manager or Authorized Representative.
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