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Eligible Non-Resident and Non-taxed Resident

Our non-resident fee rate is $400 for each adult non-resident burial. State law determines this amount. The California Health and Safety Code §9068 states:

(a) The board of trustees shall adopt a schedule of fees for interments in cemeteries owned by the district and for other necessary and convenient services.

(b) The board of trustees shall adopt a schedule of nonresident fees. The nonresident fee shall be set at an amount that permits the district to maintain on a self-supporting basis that portion of the cemetery where the interment site is located. 

The nonresident fee shall also include a surcharge of at least 15 percent of the amount required by the previous sentence. This formula works out that an eligible non-resident pays $400 for a non-resident fee. 

Non-taxed Resident Fee

For the public who live within the District boundaries but do not pay property tax to the Cemetery District the Board of Trustees have implemented a Non-taxed Resident Fee. To equalize the inequality of having residents who are not paying any property tax to the Kern County Cemetery District, the District will charge any non-taxed resident an amount of $400. This fee is to be placed in the maintenance account to be used for operations.

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