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Flower Regulation

May contain: geranium, flower, blossom, and plant

The placement of flowers on the graves of our loved ones is a timehonored tradition. It is an expression of love and remembrance to those who have passed from this life, and is a beautiful and effective memorialization. The following regulations are established to maintain the beauty of the cemetery and we respectfully insist they are observed.

  1. During the mowing season, all flowers may be removed once a week. We typically mow on Tuesday or Wednesday to properly maintain the grass. In addition, every four to six weeks, all flowers will be removed prior to the edging.
  2. Each year in September all flowers will be removed from each cemetery for the renovating and seeding of winter grass. This is a multi-week process and we ask that flowers are not placed on a grave during that time.
  3. Flowers may be placed on grave markers as long as they are placed in a provided receptacle in the marker foundation. All artificial flowers shall be treated the same as fresh flowers. Flowers that discolor, fade, or deteriorate will be removed and disposed. Any items or trimming other than flowers shall be subject to removal immediately. Only flowers are allowed in the supplied receptacle, if you have a question on the placement of an item, please contact the office for direction.
  4. No person or persons shall place or pour any glass, metal, sand, gravel, rocks, cement, casting plaster or wax of any type in vases, jars, cans or flower containers because of the hazards to people and equipment.
  5. Every reasonable effort will be made to care for flowers placed on graves, but neither the Cemetery District nor any of its employees will be responsible for anything of a movable nature that may be lost, stolen, or misplaced.
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